Animex 2023

Impact: The successes and challenges of being disabled and neurodiverse in the games industry

A roundtable discussion from Impact looking at the successes and challenges of being disabled and neurodiverse in the games industry.

Writers Guild of Great Britain

Open discussion hosted by Games writer and narrative designer Florencia Minuzzi, with narrative expert Hannah Raymond-Cox and myself. Talking about accessibility as it relates to writing and narrative. I focused on representation (or the lack thereof!)

EGX 2023

Discussion about the different elements than have an effect on the career trajectory of underrepresented people in the games industry

Digital Schoolhouse

Discussing neurodiversity and routes into the games industry as part of Digital Schoolhouse, a partnership between Ukie and Nintendo to help school age children pursue a career in computing and games.

EGX Fringe Theatre 2018

We brought along people from different areas of the country and at different points in their games career to discuss their experiences of having a disability and how that may have effected them getting into and working in the games industry.


Snappy Gurus 2023

Informative talk, discussing neurodiversity in the workplace and tips on how to work neuro-divergently in games!

GAConf Europe 2023

How do you go about bringing your accessibility knowledge to games development?
There isn’t a standard guide for how to get into games as a freelance accessibility specialist and even for a professional it can be a difficult space to navigate.
This talk explores the viewpoints of accessibility consultants and the studios that hire them to create a successful game development experience for both parties and create accessible games.


Discussing why accessibility is so important when creating games, why and how you should consider making your games as accessible as possible, and reducing the barriers to implementing it.

Snappy Gurus 2022

What is accessibility, why is it important, and how do we design inclusively? What’s more, how does thinking of design inclusively open up instances of games being ‘accidentally accessible’?

Tentacle Zone 2022


Limit Break 2023

Join Harriet Frayling in this talk designed to support all people under the neurodiversity umbrella with self confidence and empowerment.

Discussing what it means to be neurodivergent, and how neurodivergent people can leverage their unique perspectives and skillsets, while self advocating and working in a complex, rapidly changing environment.