TGA – Future Class ’23

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Harriet is a proud disabled & neurodivergent public speaker & accessibility consultant, dedicated to improving disability inclusion, empowerment & representation so there is a place for every disabled person in games, gamers and developers alike.

Delighted to have been chosen as part of the newest cohort of “50 inspiring individuals who represent the bright, bold and inclusive future of video games.”
The Game Awards Future Class

PC Gamer – May 2023

Interviewed by Luke Kemp on my experience as an accessibility consultant, ways to improve accessibility in games, and why it’s important for the future of games!

DNA of Games – 2022

Chatted to Chris Goodyear of Many Cats Studios about my journey into games, and how being disabled & neurodivergent has an effect on that trajectory.

GAConf Europe – 2023

Games Accessibility Knowledgebase – 7:54

Impact – 17:29

GAConf US – 2023

Neurodivergency Resources for the Games Industry – 12:00

Scope – 2021

I was super excited to be part of this co-production, but even more so to be in these brilliant ads! My fabulous professional photographs also came from this!