Done Differently


Vaska is a short, 10 minute vertical slice – retelling the Slavic folk tale Vasilisa the Beautiful. Made in Unreal 4, with an all female core development team.

This narrative experience is focused on highlighting and educating on grief induced psychosis, think Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice meets Ethan Carter by way of Edith Finch. Narrative heavy, atmospheric, magical and scary in equal measure.

This project was a true labour of love – everyone on the project was either committed to the themes, or had a cultural background that meant the themes has significance to them personally. 

The project took 12 weeks in total.

Project Lead | Producer | Designer | UI Artist | Level Designer | Level Artist | Narrative

A selection of art assets from the game – credit belongs to Dominika Brosenbach, Sophie Bailey and Hayley Jewell.