The Gallery above shows a selection of the 3D models made for the game by my wonderful teammates, showcasing the skill in making assets that really show the lore and feeling of the game.

Vaska is a short, 10 minute vertical slice of a retelling of the Slavic folk tale Vasilisa the Beautiful, made in Unreal for my Undergrad FMP at Birmingham City University.

Working as Project Lead, Producer, Designer, and UI Artist, in a small diverse all-female core team, (me, two artists and one programmer) production took 3 months.

This narrative experience is focused on highlighting and educating on grief induced psychosis, think Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice meets Ethan Carter by way of Edith Finch. Narrative heavy, atmospheric, magical and scary in equal measure, the experience was very well received by industry visitors at our end of year NTI Showcase 2018.

Here is a trailer for the game below!

Down here you can see some of my documentation and production tracking documents, which I used alongside Airtable and good old sticky notes to track progress and maintain velocity of work.