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The Games Accessibility Knowledgebase

A solution to a problem

During my work as an accessibility consultant, I noticed that there are so many resources for games accessibility out there, but nothing centralised, updated with new information and links regularly, and open for others to submit links to.

The Games Accessibility Knowledgebase or the GAK for short, aims to fix this issue by being a live, centralised location for the endless and ever evolving information and knowledge regarding games accessibility.

The knowledgebase is not exhaustive, new links are curated and added bi-weekly, and links are checked for accuracy on a monthly basis. 

It’s a lot of work, but making sure this information is always freely available to everyone in the games industry and beyond is extremely important for the progression of accessibility in games.

Currently it gets around 50 unique visitors monthly, which is pretty good for a project I soft-launched in February 2023