Done Differently

Radical Alien Destruction

Take a break from the rat race, have a holiday from family life, or just take out your government sanctioned feelings with Radical Alien Destruction, the latest in adrenaline filled action, where you dispatch aliens equipped with dangerous weapons in a purpose built arena, in the not-to-distant future.

Terms and conditions apply. Do not take part in RADICAL ALIEN DESTRUCTION if you are prone to seizures, suffer with heart conditions, have a moral compass, or dislike FUN. Planetary Ventures reserves the right to withdraw participation at any time.

This was a really exciting project – the themes and tone were decided on by the team, and this in turn was used to inform additional projects where I acted as the Executive Producer for the IP and brand.

For this project we used Hansoft and Perforce, which helped with consistency and tracking of tasks, as well as using Scrum and stand-ups to get improved engagement from the team.

Executive Producer | Producer | Designer

A selection of assets and screenshots of RAD

RAD - IP Sub Project