Done Differently

Project Daniel

Project ‘Daniel’ was the precursor for what would become Real Alien Destruction. 

It was meant to be a full 360 DOF game, that utilized the possession of drones that enabled the player to use different skills to defeat enemies or solve puzzles, with an underlying narrative that explores the nature of humanity and life itself.

Over the course of 6 weeks, we worked within discipline specific teams to deliver concept visuals, R&D proof of concept and game design documentation for a strict pre-set brief.

I primarily worked as a Producer, focused on supporting the Concept, UX and UI team, but supplemented with design work where needed.


Production | Game Design Documentation | Project Planning | Prototyping

Here is a gallery of some of the UI work the team achieved for this project – Credit goes to the artists, Rachael Kearney, Max Hau and Izaac Long.

There’s also some animated concepts here by Marina Koleva, animated by Izaac Long.