Done Differently

Dr Neutro’s Nanobot Rush

These images are Alpha visual targets for the game – they do not represent the visuals of the final game, but it gives you an idea of the visual style!


You are an assistant for the renowned Dr Neutro, a morally suspect scientist who has been working on medical nanotech and it’s time to help him test out his prototype, the Neutrobot which is disguised as a white blood cell.

Controlling the Neutrobot with your phone, you navigate a human body that has been infected with a whole host of nasty viruses and bacteria!

To understand the viruses, you must seek them out and absorb them, while avoiding the dangerous bacteria so you can collect the info you need before the real white blood cells arrive and mistake you for an invader!

My Work

On this project I was the lead designer, working on formulating the mechanics & interactivity of the game. The narrative was created by myself and teammate Sasha Darius Kharadi, and was iterated on by an external writer, Nathalie Roos.

Working solely on design was a welcome challenge, I had not worked as in-depth on design elements before, so I was excited to use Excel in a way that wasn’t production oriented to get and track elements of the game.

I designed all the levels within Excel, to reflect the tile-based visual system that had been agreed upon, which also led to using the spreadsheets to quantify and track everything, so balancing was made much easier.

Narrative | Mechanics | Interactivity | Level Design | Game Flow