About My Accessibility Work

I love working with the games and arts industries to make a fundamental, positive difference to the lives of disabled developers and gamers alike, and I would happily give a talk to any who ask!

I am a disabled subject matter expert with lived experience – I experience barriers with fine motor control, audio, cognition and neurology due to living with a unique cocktail of disabilities and conditions.

How I Can Help

  • Accessibility Talks & Pitching Accessibility Internally
  • Inclusive Design Sprints
  • Accessibility Team Structuring
  • Talks to the Education Sector
  • Improving games accessibility
  • Proof & Sensitivity Reading
  • Mentoring and moral support for disabled & neurodiverse developers

I’ve worked with

And more!


Playground Games Accessible Design Sprint 2018

Consulted alongside other disability consultants on options for changes to games like Forza Horizon, to ensure better experiences for disabled players.

Scope Power Up and Play 2021

Worked within the context of a co-production to formulate and support a charity event highlighting the disparities in the games industry regarding accessibility over the course of 8 months.

Appeared in the ad campaign both in video and print formats.


Advert available here: https://fb.watch/aDULPervjK/

Panels & Interviews

EGX Fringe 2018

Took part in the Disability in Videogames Panel – I spoke about the challenges faced as a disabled student at the time, and discussed with the other panellists, the representation available surrounding disabled people in games.

You can find an audio recording and a transcription at the Manycats blog here – thanks to Chris Goodyear for arranging the panel, and providing the audio recording and transcript!

University Mental Health Day 2018

I was part of a BBC News report on the crisis of mental health in Higher Education, and talked about how to look after your mental health while at university.

Talks & Speaking

Snappy Gurus Careers Week 2022

Spoke to students/early career professionals about how to think in an inclusive way to promote better accessible design.

Recording: Coming Soon

Slides: SnappyGurusTalk2022.pdf